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Makeup Brushes

Face Makeup Brushes
Kabuki Brushes, large
  º kabuki brushes, all
  º squirrel kabuki brush
  º fine white goat hair kabuki brush
Powder Brushes, large

  º face powder brush, all
  º squirrel powder brush, pure
  º squirrel powder brush Only $28.90
  º goat hair powder brush
Powder, Blush Brushes

  º face powder, blush brush, all
  º pure squirrel
  º squirrel blend
  º goat hair
Contour Blending Brushes
  º blending, contour brush, all 
  º pure squirrel hair
  º squirrel brush
  º goat hair
Eye Makeup Brushes
  º eye makeup, brush all
  º pure squirrel
  º squirrel eyeshadow brush Only $9.90
  º goat fur
  º sable (not sold separately)
  º kolinsky sable (not sold separately)
  º nylon New! (not sold separately)
Foundation / Concealer Brush New!
  º Large Foundation Pure Nylon (not sold separately)
º Concealer Pure Nylon
(not sold separately)
Fan Brush New!
  º Large Fan Brush Pure Water Badger (not sold separately)
Makeup Brushes, by hair types
  º all pure squirrel, and sable makeup brushes
  º squirrel and sable makeup brushes
  º goat hair and sable cosmetic brushes
  º kolinsky sable cosmetic brushes
 º Synthetic Nylon brushes New!
º Badger brushes

Makeup Brush Sets

Cosmetic, or Makeup Brush Sets, all
Squirrel Kabuki and White Goat Hair Kabuki Brush Set
(2 brushes)  

Fine White Goat and Kolinsky Sable Makeup Brush Set (9 brushes)
New!  Buy 2 Get 1 FREE!
   º  Mini Makeup Brush Set (8 brushes) Buy 2 Get 1 FREE!
 º  Squirrel Blend. Travel Makeup Brush Set (6 brushes)

Pure Squirrel and Synthetic Brush Set (12 brushes
Pure Squirrel Makeup sets
(9 brushes)

   º makeup brush set 1, (9 brushes) with One pure squirrel makeup brush
   º makeup brush set 2, (9 brushes) with Two pure squirrel makeup brushes
   º makeup brush set 4, (9 brushes) with Four pure squirrel makeup brushes
Buy 2 Get 1 FREE!
º Squirrel Blend. Travel Makeup Brush Set (6 brushes)
º Squirrel Blend. Mini Makeup Brush Set (8+1 brushes)
Squirrel Blend. Makeup Brush Set (9 brushes)
Goat Hair, Cosmetic Brush Set (9 brushes)
Makeup Artists Tools, Masters Collection Makeup Brush Set,  28-piece set
Sale $259!
(For professional makeup artists, and glamour models)

Makeup Brushes 101

Kabuki Brushes Comparisons & FAQs NEW!
Product Reviews, more NEW!
Makeup Brushes Tricks, How to use NEW!
Compare quality and prices of Famous Brands
like bobbi brown, mac, stila, urban decay

How to choose, makeup tricks, etc
FAQs, incl. makeup brush care cleaners, instant spray or brush shampoo, which brands..
Makeup brush hair types, and brush terms

Other Beauty Tools

Makeup Sets 
Makeup Train Cases
Makeup Palettes
28-pc Makeup Brush Bags (Rollup Bags) SALE $36.90!
9-pc Makeup Brush Bags (Rollup Bags)  
Makeup Brush Belt (Apron) SALE $28.90!
Face Forward, by 
Makeup Artist Kevin Aucoin

Mineral Makeup

Mineral Powder


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Last Minute Specials ! 

Makeup Artist Master Brush Set (Professional Use) $259.00

Buy 2 Get 1 Free!
Pure Squirrel Brush Set No.4 (9pc)
Limit 1 per order

Buy 2 Get 1 Free!
Fine White Goat and Kolinsky Sable Set (9pc)
Limit 1 per order

Buy 2 Get 1 Free!
Mini Squirrel Brush Set (8+1)
 Limit 1 per order  

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Makeup brushes, mineral makeup, cosmetic train cases, and other makeup sets.    

For Professional Makeup Artist Use Only! 
Masters Collections 28-piece Makeup Brush Sets
see makeup artist, and glamour models, supplies.

NOTE: Our makeup brushes are shown with full details and specifications (Squirrel Powder Brush for more info) like makeup brush hair types, ferrule sizes, handles and even hair length! That's how Professional Makeup Artists buy their makeup brushes from us, we figured so should you! Accept nothing less! We also have a Magnifier just in cases ..

Makeup brushes are the most important makeup tools. Why? Because, they not only make makeup application such a breeze but they also give you confidence that you will look fabulous, flawless even under the harshest of lights! Armed with top quality makeup brushes and beauty tools, you'll be more adventurous and excited to try out all sorts of face makeup, and eye makeup application, you've never dared try before. But Don't Buy your makeup brushes or cosmetic brushes without learning about them first! Not all makeup brushes are created equal. Pure squirrel makeup brush such as large squirrel powder brush or other squirrel cosmetic brushes are the softest and silkiest and.. can give you an airbrush makeup finish effortlessly. You can learn more about choosing quality makeup brushes before you buy your next makeup brush set. If you suffer from rosacea, squirrel powder brush, is a definite must-have as it is the most gentle on your skin hence will not exacerbate flushing or red face.

Compare the Prices and Quality of Famous Brands like mac, bobbi brown, stila, etc. Learn how to clean and care for your make-up brushes, or cosmetic brushes, right here at A-SQUIRREL.COM. Find out which makeup brush cleanser or instant cosmetic brush cleaner works best. You'll love our extensive collections of makeup brushes range include Masters Collection of 28 pieces makeup brush sets, mainly for Professional Makeup Artist Use, which include the Extra Large Squirrel Powder Brush or Large Fluffy Squirrel Powder brush Power Blush Brush right down to the windshield-wiper-type, crease eyeshadow brush, and eye makeup brush. There are Great Introductory-Priced Offers Galore so Don't Miss Out! Not to mention the cheapest and softest Professional Makeup Brush Sets made from Top Quality Goat Hair and Sable around! And then, there are all those other makeup goodies like our mineral makeup, cosmetic train cases, makeup sets, and lots more. So Enjoy!

To help you jump-start, below is just a quick guide of what you can find on our site about makeup brushes and other makeup stuff. More detail on Site Map.

Exact Match  

What's New!

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NEW!  Makeup Tips for Non-Professional Makeup Artists and Makeup Junkies ;) here!




Picture with Magnifier for All Pure Squirrel Powder Brush

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Squirrel Makeup Brush Sets

Pure Squirrel Makeup Brushes are the crème de la crème. Squirrel makeup brush is not the cheapest makeup brush, to say the least (mac, trish mcevoy, bobbi brown) so most makeup artists recommend you own at least one, like squirrel powder brush (rosacea friendly), in your lifetime. But now you can get Get 12-pc squrrel plus Sable pro cosmetic brush set.

more on squirrel makeup brushes and free gift...


Other Cosmetic Brush Sets

Here, we have a range of cosmetic brushes. The range includes those made from Top Quality Goat Hair to the best of Sable, such as Kolinsky Sable Brushes. The Top End Goat Hair have very soft tips to give you softness with added 'flex' typical of Goat Hair. The set also includes Soft Sable makeup brushes.

more on cosmetic brushes...


Other Professional Beauty Tools

Get your other beauty essentials such as Professional 28 pieces Makeup Brush Sets, makeup sets, Cosmetic Train Cases, and more. We have Flocked Sponges, for foundations, and mineral makeup, or cosmetics, to suit your needs. Other items also include Eyelash Curlers with the all important corners-curler', etc.

more professional makeup artists tools, makeup sets, and other beauty, accessories ...


Makeup Brush 101 and more

Quality Cosmetic Brushes can last a lifetime if cared for properly. Learn how to clean your makeup brushes. How often should you clean them.. Are your makeup brushes causing (or exacerbating) your acne, rosacea, pimples, etc. Which instant makeup brush cleaners.. How to choose quality makeup brushes..

more on makeup brush care...

NEW!  Makeup Tips for Non-Professional Makeup Artists and Makeup Junkies ;) here!

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