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A'SQUIRREL Makeup Brushes
Pure Squirrel Makeup Brushes

• Powder Brush
• Blush Brush
• Contour Blending Brush
• Eyeshadow Brush ('windshield wiper' type)
• 9-piece Makeup Brush Sets 
 - Brush Set 1: with 1 Pure Squirrel Brush (Powder)
 - Brush Set 2: with 2 Pure Squirrel Brushes (Powder and Blush)
- Brush Set 4: with 4 Pure Squirrel Brushes (Powder, Blush, Contour and Eyeshadow)
• 12-piece Makeup Brush Sets 
Squirrel Makeup Brushes
• Kabuki Brush Set (2-pc)
• Kabuki Brush
• Powder Brush
• Blush Brush
• Contour Blending Brush
• Eyeshadow Brush ('windshield wiper' type)
• 9-piece Makeup Brush Set
• 6-piece Travel Makeup Brush Set
• 8+1-piece Mini Makeup Brush Set
White Goat Hair Cosmetic Brushes
• Kabuki Brush / Bronzer / Buffer
• Kabuki Brush Set (2-pc)
Goat Hair Cosmetic Brushes
• Powder Brush
• Blush Brush
• Contour Blending Brush
• Eye-shadow Brush
• Eyebrow Framer
• 9-piece Makeup Brush Set
Kolinsky Sable Makeup Brushes
• Kolinsky Makeup Brush Set NEW!
Sable Cosmetic Brushes
• Eyeshadow Brush
• Lip Brush
• Concealer or Camouflage Brush
Other Cosmetic Brushes
• Nylon Mascara wand / Eyebrow groomer
• Natural Bristle Eyebrow Groomer
• Badger Buffer, Badger Fan Brushes
• 12-piece Makeup Brush Sets  

Makeup Palettes, Cosmetic Cases, Train Cases, Makeup Brush Bags, Beauty Books, Eyelash Curlers and Other Beauty Tools
Makeup Palette

• 15-compartments
• 10-compartments
Eyelash Curler
• Tiny Mini Eyelash  (Plastic)
• 2-in-1 Eyelash and Corner Curler (Plastic)
Makeup Case
• Train Cases
• Portable
Makeup Brush Bags (Rollup Bags)
• Makeup Brush Bag for 9 makeup brushes
• Makeup Brush Bag for 28 makeup brushes
Makeup Brush Belt / Apron (Professional)
• Makeup Brush Belt to hold 12 makeup brushes and 6 spacious compartments and pockets to hold sponges and tools
Books and Others
• Books
• Others

Professional Makeup Artists Corner
28-piece Makeup Brush Set

• Large/Medium Face Brushes
- 4 Pure Squirrel Makeup Brushes
- 1 Jumbo Badger Buffer
- 2 Goat Hair Makeup Brushes
- 1 Badger Hair Fan Brush
• Pure Squirrel Eyeshadow Brushes
• Sable Eyeshadow Brushes
• Eyebrow Brushes
• Concealer Brushes

Makeup Brush Belt / Apron (Professional)
• Makeup Brush Belt to hold 12 makeup brushes and 6 spacious compartments and pockets to hold sponges and tools
Makeup Brush Bag (Rollup)
• Makeup Brush Bag for 28 makeup brushes
• Makeup Brush Bag for 9 makeup brushes

For Face

• Mineral High Pigment Foundation Powder
• 5 skin colors

Makeup Brush Cleaning
• Can makeup brushes cause breakouts or rashes? 
• Which makeup brush cleaner should I use? 
• How do I clean my makeup brush?
• How long should I leave it to dry for?

Makeup Brush Cleaners
• Which makeup brush cleaner should I use?
• I'm in a hurry, is there an Instant Makeup Brush Cleaner I can use?

Makeup Brush Quality Tests
• How to test for sable?
• How should squirrel brushes feel like?

How To Choose
• Hair: Check the hair type, density, cut and shape..
• Ferrule: Check that it is seamless..
• Handle: Check that it is not wobbly and that the length or overall weight feels good in your hand..

How To Use Makeup Brushes
• Makeup Tips

How To Choose Kabuki Brushes
• Which type of kabuki brush - fine white goat or squirrel blend.
• Which is better Bobbi Brown Face Brush or A'squirrel Kabuki Bruhs.

Makeup Brush Terms
• Overview
• Makeup Brush 'Price' and 'Value'
• Makeup Brush Hair Types
• Natural hair
     - Badger Hair
     - Squirrel
     - Squirrel Mix or Squirrel Blends
     - Pony Hair
     - Goat Hair
     - Kolinsky Sable
     - Weasel Hair
     - Red Sable
     - Sable
     - Pahmi Hair
     - Bristle
• Synthetic Hair 
     - Taklon
     - Nylon
• Ferrule
• Handle

General Makeup Brush Care
• What causes a good makeup brush to turn bad?
• Is it necessary to buy Top Quality Makeup Brush for each different purpose?
• Why is there a difference in sizes, styles, etc between one brand of makeup brushes and another?
• Why is my brand new sable lip brush hard when I first got it?

How to use the 28-pc Master Collection Makeup Brush Set?
• Larger Brushes
• Medium Brushes
• Smaller Brushes

Product Reviews, Quality, Brands and Price Comparisons
 • Overview
 • Product Reviews:
      - MAC, Laura Mercier, Stila, Nars, Chanel, Bobbi brown, Chantecaille, Armani, Paula Dorf, Smashbox, Benefit, La Prairie and more
      - MAC, Stila, Chanel, Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier, Body Shop, Saks
 Compare A'squirrel Quality and Prices to:
      - Shu Uemura
      - MAC
      - Stila
      - Urban Decay
      - NARS
      - Body & Soul
      - Smashbox 
 Compare A'squirrel Kabuki Brushes Quality and Prices to:
      - Aromaleigh
      - Bobbi Brown
      - Cat Cosmetics
      - Japonesque

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 • Overview
 • Shipping
 • Return
 • Our Guarantee
 • Secure Payment
      - Paypal
      - Visa, Mastercard, American Express..

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Disclaimer and Copyrights
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*Terms and Conditions Apply

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